Saturday, June 16, 2007

New Books / Old Books

I had told myself that I would put off spending money on books until I absolutely had to (I guess necessity is relative). Hubby and I went to Wal-Mart this afternoon, and since he was buying a few movies, I figured that justified my buying a couple of books:

Thirteen Moons by Charles Frazier
Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult


Besides that, I finished The Awakening this evening, but I haven't made very much progress on A Portrait of a Lady. I was hoping to get through it this weekend--and I really should make a promise to myself not to start any other books without finishing it, but alas. New books + TBR books + Boring James = disaster. I WILL finish it though!! Besides that, I'm thinking about two more challenges (because apparently I'm crazy). Joy is graciously allowing me to play along with the already started "Non Fiction Five," and then I found the "Armchair Travel" challenge on Friday. We'll see.

On another note, I'm a little irked with myself. I keep a database with all of my books, but I've found recently that they are not ALL entered. I'm not sure how this happened (since they aren't new books), but it really annoys me. Then, there are the books that I own that I have no idea where they are. I've been looking for Heart of Darkness, but its not on any of my bookshelves. I'm wondering if it got boxed up with some of the other books that I've read and is stored at my mom's house. I have two copies--how could I be missing both! THEN there are the books on my list that I had no idea that I owned and have no idea where they could be. Apparently I own a copy of The Journals of Susanna Moodie by Margaret Atwood, but I have no idea where it could possibly be or what the spine even looks like.

How did this all happen???

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