Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bookish Babble [Shelves, Challenges, and Giveaways]

Dewey posted pictures of her bookshelves on Sunday, and I wanted to show her that she is not alone in her crazy collecting. Hello, my name is Trish and I am a bookaholic.

Both of the shelves above are in my office. The one to the left has my school books on the bottom shelf, Challenge books on the top shelf, and most of my hardback books. Except for the bottom shelf, this is my unread bookshelf. The shelf to the right contains the books I have read (with the exception of the top shelf which is a Dickens collection I just "saved" from my in-laws' shop--aka big giant shed in the sweltering Texas heat with silverfish and spiders galore--not a store shop). To make room for Dickens I've started to double stack--which I hate. Hmmm...maybe I can talk hubby into a new bookshelf for my birthday?? I got this one for this past Christmas.

This shelf is much smaller and also contains unread books. The top shelf has a few old books--the ones in the middle are half of my Balzac collection from 1909. The other half is still in a box from my moving around. My Aunt Fran had an AMAZING library--over 10,000 books. When she passed a few years ago, my grandmother saved these books for me--and also a Dickens collection that is currently at mom's house. Some are in better shape than others, but they are my personal treasures. I loved my Aunt Fran.

I have another shelf in my kitchen with a few hardbacks that I've read and my cookbooks--and then my other "nice" books including my Mark Twain collection on my fireplace mantle. What can I say? I love books. I know this is probably excessive--but I also know my library is probably small compared to some of yours. I keep telling myself that I need to stop collecting books--I obviously don't have the room anymore. I have a little over 500 books in my library. I've read about half of them.

Joy is again hosting the Non-Fiction Five Challenge (click on her name to take you to the challenge link). This was one of my first challenges last year and I loved it! I felt that it really stretched me and pulled me out of my comfort zone. So...I am excited to join again this year.
My picks for the 2008 Non-Fiction Five are as follows:
**The Innocent Man - John Grisham
**A Rumor of War - Philip Caputo
**The Translator - Daoud Hari
**'Tis - Frank McCourt
** In Cold Blood - Truman Capote
Alternates (yes, because I can...)
**The Autobiography of Saint Therese of Lisieux
**Anne Frank Remembered
**Or Whatever Else I Feel Like (Yeehaw!)

Kim L of Big.Blue.Adventure. is celebrating 100 posts. Go here for details. (Oh, ya...Kim totally rocks for hooking me up with the BFF award)
Natasha from Maw Books is also celebrating 100 posts. Go here for details.
Jeane of Dog Ear Diary is giving away 2 Book Mooch books. Click here to enter the drawing (wait...do we have to be a member of Book Mooch?)
Stephanie from The Written Word is giving away 5 adorable canvas bags and one copy of Comfort Food. See here for details.


Laura said...

Wow Trish! You have a LOT of books! I'm in awe of your vast library! The next time my hubby rolls his eyes when I buy another book, I'll show him these pictures and say, "at least I don't have as many as Trish!" ;)

Nymeth said...

*Steals your copies of The Giver and Sylvie & Bruno* I really want to read those two :P I love looking at pictures of other people's shelves, so thanks for sharing!

I'm reading In Cold Blood for the Non-Fiction 5 too...it will be interesting to compare notes with you!

And thanks letting us know about all those giveaways!

Trish said...

*Laura - Yes...sometimes I think it is rather silly, but I can't help it--I love them all (and want MORE)! Sometimes, though, when I think about how long it would take me to read all of the books I own (not even accounting for the books that I buy/get every year), I feel really overwhelmed and guilty. Oh well!

*Nymeth - Ha ha--out of all those books you would pick Sylvie and Bruno? :) My senior seminar was on the works/photography of Lewis Carroll. I had such a tough time trying to find Sylvie and Bruno and could not find the sequel except in the University library (I think maybe it is out of print?). If you are interested in Lewis Carroll, I'd recommend Morton Cohen's biography. Such a fascinating man.

Kim L said...

Oh thank you for mentioning my giveaway! And you are very much deserving of the BFF award.

Stephanie said...

I love looking at pictures of everyone's bookshelves. Mine aren't quite as neat!! And now, I have to share with my kids!

Sounds like some great picks for the Non-Fiction Five challenge. I'm really looking forward to starting this challenge!

Bookfool said...

My library sort of sucks, so I've gone way overboard acquiring a personal library, too. Worse than you, actually. I have thousands. Feel better? :)

Karen said...

Hi Trish - great to check out your book collection - you have inspired me to do something similar I think. We have a hard time in our house keeping our book collections under control and not taking over the house! Any unique ideas people have for storage would be greatly appreciated!

Trish said...

*Kim - No problem! You picked some great books for your giveaway--I wish I hadn't already read them so I could enter. ;) I'm thinking about doing something similar for my bloggiversary, but all of my "read" books have my name scrawled in the front cover, so I'm not sure how that would go over with the winners??

*Stephanie - Well...with my ever-expanding collection I feel like my shelves are getting less and less "neat". I guess I need to start throwing the hints for a new shelf! :) I'm looking to the non-fiction challenge as well. It was such a great experience last year.

Trish said...

*Bookfool - Worse...or better? :) It does make me feel better that I'm not the only loon out there who obsessively collects books (wait...I'm not calling YOU a loon!). I'd love to have more more more, but I'm running out of space at the moment.

*Karen - Ideas for storage...hmmm... If you find any, let me know! Hubby isn't a reader and gives me a hard time (all in good fun of course) about the books taking over the house. I've tried to keep them confined to my office, but if I get another bookshelf it will feel very clausterphobic in here! I have a rack in my kitchen where I keep a few extra books and my cookbooks along with some vases and other glassware--so that helps with storage. I'd love to see your collection!! The first thing I look at in other people's homes is their books!

Literary Feline said...

It's always so fun to see other people's bookshelves. :-) Thank you for sharing!

Your nonfiction challenge list looks appetizing. I've read three of your chosen books, The Translator, In Cold Blood and 'Tis. Happy reading!

Katherine said...

Yikes! And I thought my unread pile was bad!

I discovered your blog through Weekly Geeks.

Bookfool said...

Me, too -- totally out of space, tripping over books. And, I am a loon. Hence the name BookFOOL. ;)

Trish said...

*Lit Feline - I've been wanting to read In Cold Blood for quite some time, so I'm excited about it--even if I had to break my cardinal challenge rule which is only chose books I already own. Shhhh...don't tell hubby--I'm going the bookstore tomorrow. ;)

*Katherine - Yup...a couple of bookfairs and this is what happens! For a while I had one shelf in my bedroom, but then I spilled to the gameroom. When I moved into my own place (well...with my hubby), this escalated a little. Thanks for coming by!!

*Bookfool - Ah, we are all loons here! That's what makes it so fun.

Joy said...

Woo Hoo! Welcome to the Non-Fiction Five Challenge, Trish!

You've got some great choices. One of which I plan on reading, too - In Cold Blood. At least it's on the possibility list. As well as The Translator.

I hope this year brings you as much fun as last year. Happy Reading!

Debi said...

I popped over here from Weekly Geeks, and I'm so happy I did! I love, love, love pictures of people's bookshelves! Just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

And it looks like you've got a great list for the Non-Fiction Five. I put The Translator on my list as well...and almost put A Rumor of War on, too. That's one of my favorite challenges!

Trish said...

*Joy - I'm so excited for the challenge to start! I'm sure it will be a great experience--I've noticed since your challenge that I am reading a lot more non-fiction than I usually do...so that's a great thing!

*Debi - Thanks for coming by! I love the Non-Fiction Five challenge also and can't wait for May to start. ;) I've had Rumor of War sitting on my shelf for a few years now (I think I actually stole it from my sister), so it's high time it gets read and this is the perfect challenge for it.

Anonymous said...

I have bookshelf envy. I've only get one and only two shelves hold books. The rest is display-type-stuff. My husband says there's no room for more bookshelves. I say he's full of it.

I want a home like my friend Alex. In his apartment, he has line the living room walls with bookshelves. They've got two in the bedroom. And they still have more books with no room in the bookshelves for them!!!

Trish said...

*Redhead - Well...my shelves are bursting at the seams right now, so don't be too envious! Tell your husband that you deserve a new bookshelf! I had to beg--I mean bug hubby for a while to get my new one. Remind him that the books will look better on a shelf rather than strewn all over the floor in giant stacks. :)

Anonymous said...

Whew! I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes to collect books. However, we have only one main bookcase, two smaller bookcases and an unread shelf in our bedroom. But we still have a few stacks around the house, including books I get from the library!?! Why even go to the library? Like I need another book to read? But somehow I do. (And my wife hates when I return from book sales.)Funny thing is looking at your shelves, I think I recognize some books by their spines. But don't worry I won't give you a list ;).

Trish said...

No way, you definitely aren't alone in the collecting category! I don't go to the library often because I have my own piles I need to read from--but that doesn't stop me from going to book sales and stores. Sheesh! You just need to convert your wife to "the dark side". :)

Melissa said...

I love collecting good books as well. My newest addition is Landmark Status, a fiction/humor/mystery. Thanks for the 5 list. I can't wait to check back for more.

Trish said...

Melissa - I haven't heard of that book--I'll have to check it out! Thanks for coming by. :)