Saturday, October 18, 2008

Read-a-thon: Update Hour 5-6

It isn't really clear from the picture, but I have donned my A&M Maroon Out shirt in honor of my Aggies. The thumbs up is my saying GIG EM!! :) I'm always really excited because I finished my first book.

A note on comments: I'm not subscribing to follow up comments and won't be doing any follow up comments on my blog. BUT I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS!! You guys truly are awesome and make my day. Debi--I'M still grinning from ear to ear!! And for all of those who think Trish is being all healthy? Ha! I have ice cream, chicken salad, honey roasted peanuts, crackers and cheese dip, twizzlers, chex mix, etc for later in the day. :) I did get some pre-cut fruit to balance things, but who wants health food today?? Ha!!

So where do I stand since the last update?

Pages: 67 (from Just Out of Luck by Willie Nelson--FINISHED!)
Time: 75 minutes

242 minutes reading (just over 4 hours)
222 pages
75 minutes blogging (including now)
28 comments on blogs (or so)
1 books finished: Just Out of Luck
2 caffeine beverages
2 mini-challenge entered

Head over HERE for this hour's (or some hour's) quote mini challenge!

My quote is from page 101 of Just Out of Luck: "Comanches lived by the code of revenge. This wasn't over. Scalps would peel." Ewwww. :P


bethany said...

YAY!! Good for you! So that is $5 into the clean water pot?!?! yay!

You are a champ.

Lezlie said...

One down! Nice job! And great quote! Yikes! :-)


Nymeth said...

lol, love the picture :D

Today is definitely not a day for health food. And interesting quote :P

Sandra said...

Well done.

Anonymous said...

You're doing great!

Anonymous said...

first of all... i loveeeeeeeee that sofa [ u call it a sofa right??]

and hey u look cuteeee! i love your maroon Tee! i can't take my eyes off the sofa and the cushions **sigh. i want something like that for our living room too... mebbe later ..

ohh WAIT.. i m here to CHEER u on :D and i m talking abt SOFA.. sorry

222 PAgES?! can't believe that ...come ON! AWESOME! and u r alreading cheering also...**sigh** [ people r commenting and readin..Veens u r just commenting ]

good work..completing ONE BOOK! and hopefully many more to FOLLOW!

keep on go on!

Dar said...

Way to go Trish-one down! Your sofa looks like the perfect place to cozy in and read. Your snackies are making me hungry-yummo! Keep it up!

Debi said...

One book down!!! WOOHOO!!! And don't you just look as cute as can be!

Mmmm...honey roasted peanuts sound soooo good!

By the way, that's some quote! *shudder*

Laura said...

Wow! I'm very impressed with your snack list! I'm wearing my red Tech shirt too! The game is making me tense!

Way to go on finishing a book! You are reading really fast!

Lisa said...

Go Trish Go!

I'd have Twizzlers too.

valentina said...

congrats on your first finished book!

samantha.1020 said...

Looks like you are doing good so far. Happy reading!

gautami tripathy said...

I like the quote. And no, I couldn't sleep. As I can't read either, I better visit other readers!