Saturday, April 18, 2009

Read-a-thon Hours 5-6


Since last update:
Pages: 78 (Catch Me If You Can)
Time: 80 minutes

248 pages read
240 minutes reading
70 minutes blogging
40 blogs visited
1 book finished (The Outsiders)
2 caffeine beverages
3 mini challenges (see below for youtube challenge)
Things are going good, but I'm starting to get a little restless. I might go for a short walk this hour--can you believe we are a quarter of the way through??

Maggie gets much blog love, but here is a picture of Lexi. It's the best I could do since she hates having her picture taken. Scott just bought this stuffed frog for her and it ribbets.


Well, I was going to save this for the wee hours, but I've got another video up my sleeve. Without further ado--last year's 'thon big hit (or so I've been told). The Harry Potter Puppet Pals!!!

One more plea--KILL WORD VERIFICATION. Just for today???

Ron Ron Ron Weasly!!!


Amanda said...

Killing word verification...I hadn't thought of that. I'm going to go do that right now!

Yay for Potter Puppet Pals!!!!

Michelle said...

You are a machine! Good luck with your further reading. That video makes me laugh out loud!

bethany said...

YAY!! Yes, I agree....KILL WORD VERIFICATION!! :) It takes just as long to get the letters right as it does to comment.

I love your doggie!

tanabata said...

You're doing great! Both reading and cheering. I didn't even watch the video because if I do I know I'll get it stuck in my head but just thinking about it makes me chuckle. Happy reading!

Debi said...

YAY...Thanks just made Annie's day!!!!!!

Laura said...

I love that video so much! I always forget about the ending--SO funny! If you keep reading at this rate, you'll definitely meet your goal!

Lisa said...

That would SO be YOUR ringtone! (if, uh, you were in my phone, that is.)

Did you make that? I don't remember. (I know, you aren't answering comments. I'll ask again later.)

Dar said...

Awww, look at Lexi. I've got a couple of Buddy to post at my next update. I'm totally restless today. I can't seem to get into reading. When I have to do something my mind tends to wander. lol. Frustrating.

Anyhow, I killed the word verification again but if Ed comes back I'm putting it backc on. lol.

Molly said...

I am so impressed! You are doing the tri-athalon event: reading - blogging - challenges! I have discovered that this first go around I can really only concentrate on reading -- with specific planned breaks for cheerleading (this is my first one). I am not organized myself enough to do the challenges too. Oh well, next time!

Keep up the GREAT work -- you are an inspiration.

Chris said...

Everyone's totals are're doing great Trish! Love the doggie photo :)

Anonymous said...

You're doing great, Trish! I love the Potter Puppet Pals; a friend actually gave me a t-shirt with the puppets on it, but it was too small so I had to give it away.

Kari said...

I'm so happy you included a picture of Lexi with her new frog toy! She is adorable!!! So, I ended up trying to read on my bed which ended in me taking a little mini nap, but now I'm up and at-em again. It's a great day to be outside, I hope you enjoy your walk.

IHOP in 6 1/2 hours... YUMMY!!!

Melissa said...

Wow, you're doing great!! Love the picture of Lexi, too, so CUTE!

Happy Reading!!

Karen Beth said...

I killed my word verification. Just for you, dear! I love how you seem to feel guilty about not having as many pictures of Lexi. Lexi and Maggie are both cute!

Anonymous said...

Awww! Lexi is adorable! Enjoy the walk if you decide to take one! (Don't forget the audiobook! ^-~)

I couldn't (still can't) believe so much time has already passed either!

Congrats on having read so much already!

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

Word verification was the theme of the comic I drew today. It's making me nutty :)