Friday, May 8, 2009

So Lame! Oh, and a question (but not a bad one)

Spider cat, Spider Cat  Does whatever a Spider cat does

I cannot believe how lame I've been these past couple of weeks!! I have now THREE books to write about since I finished Oscar Wao today. And what am I doing with my entirely free evening? Not writing about those books, or even re-reading the ones that need to be re-read since I have now forgotten them? Nope. I'm catching up on my blog reading. Sheesh--you people do this to me.

And then these posts? I NEVER used to blabber on about stuff, at least not in a post of its own. Ok, maybe I blabber a lot, but it usually at least has to do with books.

Whatever. :)

My questions:

1. I've noticed in my Google Reader that some blogs now have the person's email address below the post title: "By emailaddresshere (name)" Why? and how do you do this?

2. Also, not sure if there is an answer to this or not, but you know how when you receive email notification of comments left on your blog and sometimes it shows the person's email address and sometimes it says How do you get it to show your email address? How do you know if your email address is showing or if the noreply email is showing?

These things don't really matter to me (although I've been finding myself emailing response comments if I can't comment back on the post quick enough), I'm just curious how you do it and why I'm all of a sudden seeing the email address of the post author. I feel like such a clueless little girl! :)

Ya, you probably won't get a real bookish post out of me for a few more days unless I miraculously decide to re-read Beedle the Bard tonight or something. But I'm going to get that Sunday Salon post done. What happened? I went from being review heavy to being ramble-heavy! :)


Amanda said...

Trish, if you put your email address on your blogger profile and make it available for people to see (it'll have a link to "email" under your picture, by "website" - you can look at mine for an example if you want), your comments will come from that email address instead of the no-reply address. It's possible that's how the emails come in on the read feeder, too, but I'm not sure. I don't know if my address shows up when I post and I certainly haven't done anything to make it do so, but I know my email address comes through on the comments.

ps - love the cat!

Trish said...

I figured that's what it was. I used to have my email address linked but then I started getting all sorts of spam. Guess I should just use my blogging gmail account rather than personal hotmail account.

Your email doesn't show on your posts. I didn't want to give any examples in the post, but Nymeth's shows her email address if you want to see what I'm talking about.

samantha.1020 said...

Haven't a clue to the answer to your questions but I just wanted to let you know that I like your "rambling" posts too :)

Amanda said...

Maybe it has to do with domain then? Since Nymeth has her own domain now instead of just through blogger? Maybe some of the non-blogger blogging sites do that? I don't know. I haven't really paid attention to that. I know my comments go through with an email address though, or at least they used to.

Trish said...

No because the blog where I noticed the email isn't its own domain (I thought that so I checked). I added my email, so now I'm wondering if it shows in comment emails now. For a while I thought that just meant the person had subscribed to follow up comments. Guess I was wrong about that!

cj said...

Not much help with the questions from me - yeah, I know you're shocked... but I love the cat.

As for the rambling vs reviewing - I think it's cycles. You go review crazy for awhile and then you sorta mellow out and just ramble. Personally, I have six books I need to review and I have no idea why I haven't gotten them done. I looked at the stack tonight while watching the Tigers game but that's as far as the notion took me.

Have a great weekend!


moonrat said...

sorry, i have nothing helpful to add, but re: your spider cat, can i just say:


Scrap girl said...

I find a lot of the stuff on blogger still really confusing. Need a few spare days to sit and work it out!

christina said...

I'm with Scrap girl on this one. I feel like I need to attend a tutorial class on blogger to figure out all of its features.

Still, I enjoyed the fun post. It's nice to read that I"m not the only one who talks out loud in my blog sometimes! :P

Also, keep the kitty pictures coming. That one was too cute.

Nymeth said...

LOL! I love the lolcat! My boyfriend and I have this thing where we regularly sing the Spider Pig song, only replacing "pig" with any random thing that comes into our heads. Example:

Spider mug, spider mug
Doing whatever spider mugs do

We didn't even like the Simpsons movie THAT much, but this stuck for some reason :P

Okay...enough embarrassing weird facts about me :P

Debi said...

Well, you already know I'm of NO USE when it comes to anything computer related, but I did want to say that I don't care what you're posting, I'm just always happy to see a Trish post come up!

And Nymeth, I love embarrassing weird facts about you!

Kara said...

I've had those same questions myself - although in Google Reader I haven't had email addresses show up yet.

But I have wondered about the no reply comments that I receive in email.

Red lady-Bonnie said...

I haven't noticed the email addresses in google reader either. I wonder why the email doesn't automatically sync together if you have it listed in blogger. Good luck writing your reviews. Do you really need to re-read the books? What if you scan them over and refresh your memory with reading descriptions/summaries of the books?

Amy said...

I'm here to help! (I hope)

As far as getting your email address to show in comments, it has to be from a blogger account. So for example, if people are using openid there's no way to get their email address. From a blogger account, in your profile there's a place that says show email address. If you check that, your comments will start displaying your email address. This is definitely something I wish that every blogger user would do! It's a way to be sure people are getting a response to their comments.

For showing your email address in google reader, you need a feedburner account. All those things, like, email this, etc. can be tweaked through the feed you send out, and you can make the adjustments in feedburner. There's a place that gives you options in feedburner, to show the email address and optimize your feed. If you have an account and can't find it, let me know!

Melissa said...

I'm glad you posted this, because I didn't realize I was set as a until I checked my feed. So I changed my settings and now I can be replied to via email if necessary, etc. :-D

Trish said...

*CJ - For me the more I let those books pile up the worse it gets. Usually I'm great about reviewing just a few days later. I'm not working on almost a month for some!

*Moonrat - Glad you enjoyed the pic. Those LOLCats are way too funny.

*Scrap Girl - I'm so clueless, even after almost two years of blogging. :) Seems like there's always something new and great that I don't know about.

*Christina - A tutorial would be great--until the next newest thing comes out! :) Usually my own cat gets the love here, but I didn't have any really funny ones of her.

*Nymeth - Oh I know--just hearing the tune gets me singing spider... :) We played family charades the other night and "Spider Pig" was one of the picks--we had a lot of fun guessing that one!

*Debi - Embarrassing facts are my favorites. :) And thank you for being too sweet. I've very non-bookish lately! :P

*Kara - The "noreply" just means that the person doesn't have their email listed in their profile. I always thought it had to do with subscribing to follow up comments!

*Red-Lady - I've got my email plugged in now that I know that it links to comments, but I was reluctant to do so before because of spam. I guess I'll just delete it. I just have Fun Home left from the read-a-thon and it shouldn't take too long to skim through again. I did re-read Beedle the Bard, but it only took about an hour.

*Amy - Yay! :D I'm so clueless. I actually tried to do feedburner a few weeks ago but couldn't figure it out. When it told me I had 0 subscribers I quit and moved on to the next thing. LOL!! Thanks for the answers--now I just have to figure feedburner out.

*Melissa - I didn't either! I thought it had to do with follow-up comments. Glad to find out the answers--guess all you have to do is ask. :) Bloggers are so great.