Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Salon 7 - Outside Looking In

I hadn't planned on a Sunday Salon post this week, but I got back to Dallas earlier than expected and Scott is off at some type of baja racing rally thingy at Texas Motorspeedway which gives me a free evening to myself to do whatever my heart desires (and my washing machine is broken so I don't have to feel guilty about neglecting the laundry).

What? You have a blog? About books??

I was in Salt Lake this weekend and was able to catch up with a lot of family members who I hadn't seen in quite some time. A few of them know I keep a book blog and we got to talking about book blogging and blogging in general. I never quite know how to talk about my blog with others. These particular cousins know about my book blog because they keep their own personal blogs, but I don't usually bring up blogging with other people. When people ask, "what do you do for fun," for some reason "blogging" is never an immediate response, although I do spend a bit of time writing my own thoughts and reading those of others.

Honestly, I only have a few close friends and family members who even know that I book blog. I've found that people don't always know how to respond to my book blogging habits, so sometimes its less awkward to not talk about it at all. My parents always ask why I don't go into publishing or get my PhD--well, because reviewing books for a living is very different from doing it for fun and I hate writing research papers. How do I possibly have time to keep up? I don't know--how do you have time to watch 4 hours of TV a night? You write about every book that you read? Why? Because I like sorting out my thoughts and keeping a record. You mean you are friends with these people you've never met? *sigh* yes! OR there is the non-response--the "not really sure what to say to you having a blog" response.

Maybe I just have a difficult time explaining to others why it is I love blogging so much. I know why I love blogging--the connection, the recommendations, the venting, the writing about books--but how to explain that to someone who doesn't blog and especially someone who isn't a big reader? Sometimes I get some strange looks when people find out I have a book blog--and there are others who don't understand what I do and think I have some type of online book club. And the challenges--oh baby is that hard to explain! And in very broad and general terms, I think some people just don't get blogging. A journal? Why have something that anyone can see? I wonder if any of you experience these types of comments in your real life as well.

So, my Sunday questions to you: Do your family, friends, acquaintances know that you blog? How do you bring it up in conversation? How do they react to your blogging habits? Are they mostly receptive or do they look at you a little sideways? What are your experiences with mixing your blogging world with your personal world? Or do you keep the two absolutely separate? I'd love to know your thoughts!


I'd like to thank everyone and send out a giant hug for all of the comments and emails last week about my grandpa's passing. It was a sad week and it was very difficult to see my grandpa in his casket and later at the burial site. He was an amazing man and will be greatly missed by many. Including his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, he had 87 direct descendants. He was 87 years old when he died last week. We all shed a lot of tears, but we also had a lot of laughs. And I think grandpa would have wanted it that way--to laugh and laugh and laugh. And we can all imagine him laughing with us (he had the best sense of humor). Below is a picture of me and my grandma. I love her tremendously--more than I could possibly express.

This and that:

It will probably be another slow month of blogging for me. My work hours are increasing over the next month and a half, which means that my prime reading time will get cut (before work and during lunch is when I do most of my reading). I'm going to try and do better about my reviews this next month, although I'm guessing that my shortened time will mean less reading and less reviewing anyway.

Scott and I are also going to start looking for houses again after a long break of no looking. Life kind of got away from us for a while, but we're ready to be in a place of our own again (we've been renting "temporarily" since moving back to Dallas almost two years ago). I feel like I need to start making this a focus/priority so that Scott and I can continue to be on the same page for what we want.

I've struggled the past few months with commenting, and I just have to come to terms with the fact that I can't comment as much as I want to and I can't comment on every post. I hate having to admit that, but I also need to stop self-guilting. I just can't keep up, especially as I've been subscribing to more and more blogs lately and there are so many posts (how do you guys manage to find time to post so often!?). I'll still be around--I'm not taking a break or going anywhere--but I also need to allow myself to hit that "mark as read" button and not feel guilty.

Middlemarch? I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I have about 150 pages left and hope to get several read tonight while Scott is out. I was hoping to finish by this coming Thursday, but with my new work hours, I'm not sure if that's doable. Might have to get up even earlier to read! I've been averaging about 35 pages a day (at 840 pages you do the math), so hopefully I'll be able to manage at least that. I'm still really enjoying it, but there are some story lines that I like better than others. And I left my dang reading glasses on the plane! Oh boy am I irked.

I'm blabbing. So much easier to babble on than write coherent thoughts about books! :)

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!


Wendy said...

A timely post for me, Trish, since I have been back East visiting family (going back to California tomorrow). My mother and my oldest sister are the most involved in reading my blog - and they seem to enjoy what I post. Most everyone else is just sort of indifferent about it unless I send them a link (but they would rather just see the photos of the animals than read my book related stuff). I don't always share my blog with people I see in my daily is a part of me that feels personal even though I share it with all my blogging friends!!! *laughs*

Good luck on the house hunting...this is a good time to buy!

I love the photo of you and your grandmother!

Scrap girl said...

My family know I blog, but they don't read it. They sometimes get fed up with the amount of time I spend on the PC, so I have to do it in short spurts. Good luck with the house hunting.

christina said...

You know my partner just doesn't get my whole book blogging fascination!

A couple of my friends do know, but it's not anything that we really discuss, y'know? Most of my friends aren't avid readers like I am. So the only form of book discussion I get is via the internet. I've looked into reading groups around in the area (sponsored by the library, maybe) because sharing your feelings and interpretations of a book is something that I missed greatly from college days. Unfortunately there's nothing like that around here. :( I still keep my eyes open for something to show up. LOL.

Amanda said...

My mom gave me exactly that response you put above, about how do I have time, and my response - though not spoken - also involved the numerous hours spent watching TV...

Most of my family just think I'm weird. And I'm used to that. Strangers think I'm a bit insane (especially about the Read-a-thon), friends wonder how I can read so much because they use books to go to sleep (how sad!) and periodically I have a friend or meet a new person who thinks the idea is fascinating and cool. :)

Anonymous said...

What a great picture! I know you'll cherish that for a long time!

My family knows I have a blog but even my younger sisters don't know what blogging is so they don't check it. I think they're way too busy with work and young kids to figure it out.

Meghan said...

My family knows that I have a book blog and they read it, but they've always known how much I love reading and I think they see it as a natural extension of that. None of my friends know, though. They don't really read either, so I don't think they'd understand. They certainly don't mention it even though I have the link posted on facebook etc.

People do ask me how I have time to read, and I have the same answer; I don't watch TV very often. It also helps that I don't live with any of my friends, so I don't have too many distractions. It's just priorities, if you ask me, and unfortunately most people don't count reading as a priority.

Nymeth said...

I keep the two worlds separate. My boyfriend is the only one who knows - he reads my posts and hears me talk about your guys and even visits your blogs sometimes.

But other than with him, I just don't talk about it. My parents wouldn't be able to read it anyway because it's in English, and as for friends, classmates and co-workers...I'd just rather not go there.

I've been a part of online communities since 1997, and I did talk about them in the past, so I know just what you mean about the awkwardness, the questions, the weird looks...I've been through it all. I'd rather not go through it again. And plus, my blog actually feels quite personal, you know? I feel that some of you know me better than a lot of the people I see every day, and that's another reason why it'd be weird to have them read it.

I love that picture of you and your grandmother, Trish. Here's another hug just because: *hugs*

And about not commenting as much, don't worry, my dear. We all understand. Do click that button when you have to, and no guilt!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I wasn't able to stop by earlier to leave my condolences. My grandmother passed away last summer, very suddenly, and I know how sad you must be. Cherish every minute you have with your grandmother! That's a beautiful picture of you two. You both look so happy :)

As for your questions, some of my closest friends, and my boyfriend of course, know I have a book blog, but outside of that no. My family knows I have some kind of website where I write about books, but none of them have ever seen it. My roommates subscribe to my blog, but other than that it's pretty much a separate thing. I know the weird looks. I hate when people ask me how I have time to read... and it's because I sacrifice other things to be able to do it. I don't watch 4 hours of TV, I spend less time on the internet (though blogging makes that harder) you know. So I hear ya! Blogging has been a really interesting learning experience. I originally wanted to keep it separate, but then people kept asking me what I was doing on the computer all the time. I thought they would make fun of me, but so far they haven't. I love everything about blogging and plan to keep doing it :)

Sorry this is so massively long, I just suddenly had a lot to say haha ;)

JoAnn said...

What a great that I've thought about a lot since I began blogging 6 months ago! My immediate family (husband and kids)know I blog, but don't read it. My parents and siblings don't know, and I don't talk about it with friends either...for the same reasons you mention. I'll be curious to see how others respond.

Love the photo of you and you grandmother!

Trish said...

*Wendy - Indifference is a good way to describe how those I know feel about my blog, which is fine--not everyone is interested in reading about books. And I can understand how this blogging is an extension of your personal life.

*Scrap girl - LOL--I know about having to sneak onto the computer in short spurts, even though my husband and I don't share a PC.

*Christina - My husband doesn't quite get it either--when he tells me I need a hobby I always give him the death stare and say--I do have one: blogging! :) Hope you find a book group--I miss the college discussions as well.

*Amanda - I'm always amazed at how much TV some people watch! I always feel like I'm wasting time if I'm not doing something else at the same time. I'm used to people thinking I'm weird, too, but sometimes it's easier just not to mention blogging.

*Rhapsody - I've tried to get my sisters blogging about at least their personal lives but they just don't get it. Blogging can get such a great outlet!

*Meghan - I think it is great that your family reads your blog! My family still doesn't get it even though I've been blogging for almost 2 years. I absolutely agree about priorities--I had this same discussion with my sister the other day. I read because I want to, just like she watches TV because she wants to.

*Nymeth - Thanks for the hugs--it was so great to snuggle up to my grandma even though I had just seen her two weeks ago. I feel like you guys know me more than some of my closets friends as well--funny how books can bring people together and how your thoughts on books can show a person's personality and insights.

*Regularrumination - I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. It's hard to lose the ones that we love. I'm glad to hear people haven't given you a hard time about blogging--I haven't really been made fun of, at least not to my face!, but I do get strange looks! :)

*JoAnn - It sounds like many people feel much the same way we do about not really sharing this part of our lives with others we know. I've always had a hard time bringing it up in conversation!

bermudaonion said...

I generally don't talk to others about my blog, because I've found that most people just don't get it.
I'm glad you were able to remember your grandfather in such a nice way.
Good luck with the house hunting.

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your grandfather, Trish. It’s hard to lose the ones we love.
My parents know, especially after books started arriving in the mail and my parents wanted to know where they were coming from. My dad is kind of ambivalent about it; he doesn’t really know whether or not to encourage it or warn me about giving out my address to receive books. My mom, on the other hand, has really gotten into my blogging. In fact, she’s started her own blog about college shopping and such, which is something she’s as passionate about as I am reading. She does book reviews on that blog, too.

My friends don’t know. I’ve talked about giveaways with one friend and I was able to get her to sign up for GoodReads and Library Thing; she just doesn’t review the books she reads beyond giving them a star rating. I also got another friend to sign up for PaperBackSwap, but she doesn’t know about my blog. I would love to talk about it more with them, but they both are very, um, rude when you disagree with them about books and I don’t want that to spill over onto my blog. Book bloggers are very understanding about that fact, but other people just aren’t.

Good luck with the house hunt! My parents just sold their house in a Dallas suburb, and I know how stressful this time can be, especially once you make an offer. My dad swears he never wants to sell a house again because it’s ten times harder than buying

Trisha said...

My online life in general - which primarily consists of blogging and LibraryThing - are kept rather separate from my real life. Only two people I know keep blogs, both of them are other academics like myself. Most of my family know I have a blog, but none read it and I kept it simple by not bothering with memes, challenges, ARC, etc. It's probably better that way. :) Most in my family are more work-in-the-garden than spend-time-online.

Molly said...

Actually, my best friend encouraged me to start a blog last summer when I went away for a 6 week summer program. When I returned she suggested - along with my brother - that I keep blogging. It took me about 4 months to decide on a focus - but once I found the world of book blogs, I knew this was where I belonged.

My husband, brother and eldest daughter read my blog on a regular basis. My husband prints off some blog entries for my mom to read as well. My two youngest children know that Mom keeps a blog, but don't quite understand WHY she spends so much time with it.

I am learning not to self-guilt over my blog. Comment when you have time - write for yourself, and enjoy this time of your life.

Good luck with the house hunting!

Amy said...

I definitely don't tell work!!! In fact, they think I'm going to New York (BEA) just to see friends. It's hard to explain my blog, which is a significant part of my life to them but I definitely don't want them reading it!

My parents and my siblings read my blog, and a few IRL friends. but most don't seem too interested. You're right though..some people just don't get blogging and it always feels a bit strange.

I'm sorry about your grandpa, I must have missed that post somehow. But I love the picture with your grandma. You are just so cute!!

And I'm also sorry your reading time is getting cut into...I hate that. :(

Jodie said...

I decided I wouldn't tell anyone about this blog. A couple of people knew I had a livejournal and I just found myself editing even the sillyest little things I said. I also don't have a lot of close friends who read tons (maybe three and my mum), I'm not sure the ones who don't read would get it.

I got some weird responses when I set up 'The Year of Reading' sponsored read-a-thon that made me think I'd made the right choice, keeping Bookgazing out of my offline life. I get so sick of people thinking I'm judging them for not reading (I'm not as long as they have other stuff the find fun in their life) and explaining that I don't really read tons. I tried telling someone about other online people who read maybe three times as much as me and their response was 'Yuh but I bet they don't have a life'. Actually most of them raise families and have other hobbies, as well as keeping up friendships.

samantha.1020 said...

It is hard for me to describe the appeal of blogging about books as well. That's why I am so glad that there are so many people out there in the blogging world who do understand. Good luck on the house hunt! And don't worry about is impossible to keep up with all of the posts out there :)

Dar said...

Hugs to you again Trish and that pic of you and your Grandmother is just beautiful.

As for blogging and telling people about it. I don't often because I don't think they get it. Often you mention it and they look at you like you're nuts. I've told my parents, my neighbor-really that's about it. Again though I think it all boils down to how much you love books. People who aren't like us-book crazy-really don't understand the attraction of a book blog. Much like we may not understand hobbies of theirs. But it's ok. As long as I have my blogging buddies who 'totally get it', I'm happy.

Have a great Sunday Trish.

Janssen said...

My family does read my blog (even both of my grandmothers!) and I'll mention it to people if it comes up, but I don't really love to just TELL people about it because I know blogging is so weird to people who don't do it.

Melissa said...

My parents are the only people in my family that I know of who read my blog--mainly my mom reads it, but I think my dad peeks in occasionally, too. It's funny, usually I feel weird about talking about it, and I think it's because I expect other people to think my blogging stuff is weird, but really the rest of my family seems interested if it's ever brought up. But I really blog for myself, more than anything, and just enjoy the fact that there are many other book bloggers out there to share the love with!

I'm glad you and your family are doing ok after your grandfather's passing. That picture of you with your grandmother is just precious. She looks like a special grandmother! It's good to be able to be with family and laugh at times like this, that's how it's been for me with my grandparents' passings... Sadly, I lost three within the space of about two years. It's never easy but being with the family really helps!

Take care!

Marie Burton said...

Look at all these comments! I am sorry about your grandpa passing; my dad died suddenly last Thanksgiving, and the grief is just devastating, so I understand. I live in Rockwall by the way so howdy Texan. Good luck with the house thing, there are alot of good buys right now of course you've heard that before. We are hoping to build a house on my mom's 11 acres out in Royse City. We'll see.
As far as your questions go:
you: Do your family, friends, acquaintances know that you blog? Work people do not have a clue, my husband just started reading, and my friends and other family couldn't care less and never will.

How do you bring it up in conversation? I don't.. And I don't have any friends IRL either! How sad I know but I'm fine with that.

How do they react to your blogging habits? Hubby sleeps when I'm blogging so its like a guilty pleasure, or while its slow at work

Are they mostly receptive or do they look at you a little sideways?
At first hubby was a sideway looker, now he says he's PROUD Of me LOL.. which is something I KNOW my Father would say so I am proud of me too.

What are your experiences with mixing your blogging world with your personal world?
Or do you keep the two absolutely separate? I don't have a personal world except for work and immediate family time, this is what I do for fun when I get a chance.. I need to read more though and stop commenting everywhere I can though!!! While the kids are distracted with the TV I can do the blog thing, and its hard for me to read and enjoy a book if I have Spongebob or Barney with yelling kids in front of me.
OK so that's my life story.. bored yet?!

Lisa said...

My friends and family all know about my blog but I don't think a lot of them read it on a consistent basis. My husband read it, but generally a few days at a time. We always have the tv on (bad parents!) but I never get to choose what we watch, except for American Idol.

I have so much reading to do and no time to do it. I haven't been commenting as much either, and I have noticed that comments in general are down. And YES, I will be HURT if you mark me read! Guilt Guilt!!

(no, really, do what you need to do.)

mjmbecky said...

You're so sweet. I love the picture of you and your grandmother, and I love your selfless honesty. Your desire to be honest in your posts, is what draws us back to your blog! :) I do know what you mean about, "You should go get your education in this...," as my own family and friends have said the same thing. To be quite honest, many in my family do not know I blog. Why? Because they don't always get what I read! I'll read just about anything, and many of them 1) don't read and think it's weird I do so much, and 2) they would think I should just be reading materials pertaining to our culture or religion (hello...NO way). I love the community of friends I've met here, so don't feel it necessary to share with my friends and family, unless they have a blog and get the "cultural" aspect of it all.

claire said...

Wow, this is all so eye-opening, knowing that I'm not alone. I've often thought about this. Only my husband really knows how much blogging has been a part of my life, no matter how recent. He's very supportive, actually, and is happy for me because he knows I've been grumbling since forever that I never have anyone to talk about books with. He also gets really excited when I win books, he he. Other than him, my brother and sisters and a couple of close friends know about my blog and occasionally drop by. But the rest of my friends I don't really talk to them about it because I feel like it's very personal. Weird, I know, because they're really close to me. But somehow I don't feel very comfortable sharing with them some of the things I share with you.

claire said...

(Sorry, I keep doing this, adding comments because I forgot to say something.)

To continue, I guess the reason why I was able to share my blog with my siblings was because they have known all our lives how addicted I am to reading. Most of my other friends know I read, but they don't really know to what extent.

As for juggling life and blogging, I don't watch tv most of the time. Only on occasions. I also sleep very late (insomniac), which is when I do a lot of my reading and blogging, so that for most of the day I am able to do mommy things.

Trish said...

You guys are so hard to keep up with! :D I was out today looking for houses--found my dream one, but it is a little outside my price range... Also got a new washing machine so that laundry guilt is back!

*Bermuda - I find that most people, including my family and especially my sisters just don't get it either.

*Jacketsandcovers - Funny about the books! I've wondered about giving out my mailing address as well, but I try to be a little cautious about it. Dallas hasn't been hit as bad as other parts of the country, though. Not great for us as buyers, but still good in comparison (I live in north dallas).

*Trisha - Some of my friends have personal blogs, but they don't read my reading one. I used to get kind of hurt that I would comment and comment on their posts and they never visited, but I know that my bookish stuff isn't as interesting to others.

*Molly - How great that your friend encouraged you to blog! I have a few friends who have started book blogging and I love it! Other than them, though, my non-reader friends/family don't get it. Oh well! The self-guilt thing? Sheesh! :)

*Amy - I had mentioned my grandfather's passing briefly at the end of my Beedle the Bard post--easy to miss, no worries. Thanks for your sweet words. :) A few people at work know I blog, but most of them could care less! That's OK with me!

*Jodie - I think I would be more conscientious about what I write if I knew others were reading it--even though I feel really close to a lot of bloggers, I never really feel like I'm being judged. I hate the reading a lot=no life prejudice also.

*Sam - I love that there are so many book bloggers who "get it" as well--makes this so much fun and so rewarding!

*Dar - Thank you :) Even book blogs aside, I've wondered how people react to blogging in general. A few of my cousins blog about the most random things (was hoping they would chime in here), and I wonder how they go about telling someone "by the way, I'm a blogger" :) Two years ago I would have looked at the person sideways!

*Janssen - How cool that your grandmothers read your blog!! You've got a lot of fun personal tidbits, though--my family keeps telling me to write more personal stuff and less book stuff. :)

*Melissa - Like I said to Janssen, I think it is awesome that your family members read your blog! My dad says he does, but I never really know for sure. :) Thanks for the warm wishes and I'm sorry to hear about losing three grandparents so close together. It's tough getting older and losing those we love.

*Marie Burton - Ah, another Dallasite! :) I'm so sorry to hear about your father's passing--my heart goes out to you and your family. After two years my husband is still a sideways looker! And I know exactly what you mean about blogging instead of reading--Middlemarch is haunting me right now, but I just can't seem to stop blogging! Thanks for popping by--have a great night.

*Lisa - I'm sending you very evil looks right now. This is why I'm constantly feeling guilty--because you people make me feel guilty! >:< (that's my evil look face). I don't think Scott has EVER read my blog. I've read some stuff to him, but he's never as amused as I am. :) Ah well.

*mjmbecky - Glad you appreciate the honesty--hope it isn't brutal! :) Many of my friends and family don't "get" what I read either. That's OK--I guess it takes many kinds to make the world go round.

*Claire - Never apologize for leaving multiple comments! How funny that your husband gets excited when you win a book! Mine always gives me the look that says, really? another one? :) I know exactly what you mean about blogging feeling really personal and not wanting to share it all with people you know. How funny that we feel comfortable enough to put it out there for all the world to see, though. I wish I had more time to blog--seems like I'm always behind. I go to bed the same time hubby does, so I can't really get in any late night blogging. But I just don't want to give up that time with him. I don't think most of my friends know exactly how much I read either. Somehow it always turns into a bad thing--"you read how many books last year?!?!" *Sigh* :)

Lisa said...

you know I tease!

Michelle said...

Hey Trish! It was SO good to see you this last week. I am sorry I was not able to go to Grandma's afterwards, and I left Early Saturday morning. I really did miss hanging out afterwards. I really don't know many of the in-laws of our cousins ( or our cousins for that matter) very well. I guess maybe next time. It would be awesome to have a family reunion again like old times. Could you imagine that? All 87 of us? Anyway, I don't think my family really know that I have a book blog, and my friends don't really care much it seems. But that is okay, it is like a little escape and a different world than what I live in everyday and I like that. BTW, great picture of you and Grandma, I do love her so much!

Literary Feline said...

Terrific post, Trish. I found myself nodding along as I read about your comments about explaining blogging to those who do not blog.

I confess, my blog is a bit of a secret from my family. My parents know I get free books sometimes to review, but they really don't know the extent of it. I'm sure they'd think I was crazy if they did.

Only a handful of people at work know about my blog, something I've become much more open about in the last few months. I'm not sure why. I just feel more comfortable talking about it, I guess.

My blog isn't something that comes up in conversation with friends often, although those who I am especially close to know about it.

I'm so self-conscious. I get nervous when thinking about people I know reading my blog. Meeting fellow bloggers at the book festival last month made me so nervous. I wasn't only meeting these women for the first time in person, but they were meeting me. I'm much more confident in writing than I am in person. Not to mention they're all great bloggers and seem to have it all together--whereas I feel like I'm flying by the seat of my pants over half the time. Silly, I know. And completely off topic. LOL What was I supposed to be talking about again?

It is a challenge explaining blogging to someone who is completely foreign to the concept. It's much easier when the person at least has an idea of what a blog is.

I do try and keep my personal world separate from my my blogging world. Even so, I think a lot of me comes through even just writing about books and frivolous little life details. There is so much I don't dare talk about on my blog though--it's too public of a forum and who knows who will come across it.

I hear you with the commenting. I haven't been able to get online as much as usual lately and it's completely slowed down my visits to other blogs. I feel guilty about that, but hopefully others will understand. We all seem to be in the same boat these days, don't we?

I wanted to extend my condolences, as late as they may be, over the loss of your grandfather, Trish.

Melody said...

So far, only a few good friends and my husband knew about my blog. As you know, my family members are non-readers and they wouldn't understand about my reading and my book blogging anyway, haha.

And I feel the same way as you when it comes to explaining my passion for reading/blogging to anyone who doesn't share the same passion as me. I find it difficult to explain and I get the feeling that they don't get me anyway. Thus, I've stopped mentioning my interests and will only bring it up if anyone shows interest.

Funnily, I feel I've known you all even though we have not met! And that's the 'magic'/power of book blogging community! :D

And I love the pic of you and your grandmother! :)

mee said...

I usually just say something generic, like "I like writing and reading". I prefer that than having to explain the whole thing. Gosh it's complicated to explain blogging! LOL.

Shanra said...

No self-guilting, Trish! Absolutely no need. No time is no time, and you need time for yourself as well! *hugs* Good luck with the househunting!

I think only a few people in real life know I book blog. (Read: two, maybe three people.) I like it that way well enough, so have no great desire to change it. My online/non-Dutch friends, though? I'll happily mention it to them. They're all book-loving people anyhow, so there's a lot more common ground to cover. I don't really have a terrible interesting answer, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

AGH! I left a huge, long comment here yesterday and now it appears to be in the land of the lost. Briefly, I most want to tell you I'm thinking of you daily. Secondly, good luck with the house thing. For me, it was for tricky to balance my wishes with my budget, but it all works out in the end. Blessings, Trish.

Rebecca :) said...

I have been very behind on reading blogs the past couple of weeks and I did not realize your grandfather had passed. I'm sorry to hear that. I will say a prayer for you and your family.

Not a lot of people in my life know about my book blogging either. Especially since I just started in January. I have been wanting to make sure that I was going to keep it up before sharing. But you are right that people who don't blog, don't always understand. Even my sisters don't visit my blog hardly at all, so why bother, is what I keep thinking. Of course, we have had a lot going on the past couple of months in my family, but these are just thoughts I have. It is interesting that so many of us keep this part of our lives kind of private in our everyday interactions and conversations. This was a very interesting topic. Thanks for bringing it up!

Debi said...

My family certainly knows about my blog, but I guess I don't talk about it all that much. I don't think any of them read it...which I think I actually prefer. But I have to admit that no one has ever acted like I was weird to do such a thing. Or maybe I'm just too obtuse to notice if they did. ;)

Trish, that picture of you and your grandmother is absolutely beautiful!!! You need to have that framed for sure!

I know what you mean about the guilt at not commenting on every post. I'm trying, like you, to give myself a break about it. If we don't, I'm afraid we'll totally burn ourselves out, you know.

Rae said...

Hi love, so much to prepare yourself for a long comment.
First off, I have to say I'm totally floored you and so many who commented get negative feedback regarding blogging! I kept finding myself thinking, "Really? Seriously? People are like that?" And then I thought more about it and realized a good chunk of my social circle blog. I think it's super common with the Morms, and with all my siblings blogging, and a lot of my friends here in the city I just never thought much of it. Your post made me think more though....
When my coworkers find out I blog they do think it's a little weird, so now I guess I can see where you're coming from. I also understand people having the reaction of, "What do you even write about?" Then I realize maybe a lot of the stuff I write about is really dumb, and then I remember at the end of the day, if for nothing else, I blog for me. If others enjoy it, great! If not, I don't really care.
But I would say most people know I blog. I think my family members think it's cool and like seeing my pictures. Most of the feedback I get regarding blogging is positive (although probably most of that is directed at the fact that I live in New York, which is a much more exciting topic than my actual life, haha.)
I'm glad you mentioned Scott not reading your blog. My last boyfriend (you know who) never once read my blog and it drove me insane!! We would hang out for hours, both on our computers, him working and me blogging. He knew I was a huge blogger, yet for whatever reason he just didn't care to ever log on and read it. He said he already knew everything in my life because we spent so much time together. It still bugged me. At least now I know others' significant others are similar, and I shouldn't take offense to it.
Also, I have to clarify, in case I've ever not been clear in my thoughts towards your reading and blogging. I think it is AMAZING and COOL and AWESOME and I'm TOTALLY jealous I don't read like you do! Hopefully I made it a little more clear on our Diet Coke run on Friday that I get embarrassed to admit that I don't read much and when I do it's such a small group of books I'm interested in. I get so embarrassed to admit I don't finish some books, and ashamed to admit I enjoyed some books, like So NoTorious by Tori Spelling (my coworker made me!!)
I understand your thoughts on people saying, "How do you have the time???" being the same people that watch a lot of tv. I'm embarrassed (yet again) to admit I watch a lot of tv, but I realize I waste a lot of time doing that, and a lot of times try to multi task doing it. I understand it's all about priorities, like we discussed. If I enjoyed reading more, I'd find way more time to do it. I always know I'm loving my book when I get off the subway and continue to read at home instead of turning on the tv.
Okay....trying to wrap this up....
GOOD LUCK with the house hunting!! I have a lot of friends and family in your and Scott's boat so I know it's a pain. I hope you find something great!
LOVE the photo of you and Grandma and LOVED seeing you in Utah. It wasn't nearly long enough, and I'm sick I probably can't go to Havassuppi.....I was really looking forward to some extended vaca time with you. Maybe I can still swing it....
Oh yeah, I'm with you on the guilty feelings of pushing "mark as read." I go through that every time I come back from being out of town for a while. I always feel so bad!
Okay, I think that's all. Oh yeah!! Just so you know, as I was reading this post I thought to myself, "I need to go over to an IT computer so I can comment" and RIGHT after I read your comment about how you were hoping some of your cousins would comment. I promise I was going to comment before I read that!!!!!
Anyway, to summarize, I think you freaking ROCK for all the reading you do! I'm impressed, jealous, and in awe of your varied interest and all your thoughts. Honestly, I love it, and even though I kid you about reading all the "smart books" it's only cuz I wish I could! Don't stop reading or blogging, and definitely DON'T ever feel bad about it. I think it's something to be so proud of!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
PS No time to proof read, sorry if there's errors.....

Michelle said...

No. Out of my entire family, only my husband knows I blog. And he doesn't even read my blog! Some friends know where my blog is, but I never talk about it with other people!

Trish said...

*Lisa – LOL! I tease! :P

*Michelle – I’m sad I didn’t get to spend more time with you either, but it was a short trip for everyone. It’s hard to know everyone when there are so many people. I love Grandma SO much also—wish I could come up to SLC more often. Does Monica know that you have a book blog?

*Lit Feline – My parents don’t really get it either—I let my step-mom borrow one of my ARCs and she called me up so excited when she saw “the book I edited” featured in People Magazine. I had to explain that I didn’t edit it or really do anything except share my thoughts on my blog. I got a big “Oh.” I get self-conscious about my blog as well—and would certainly feel that way meeting other bloggers, at least initially. Perception is an interesting thing, though. I’ve *always* thought of you as one of those bloggers who really has it together. And, thank you for the condolences.

*Melody – I guess it is like anything where one person feels much more passionately than another—hard to convey those feelings. But yup—it’s great to be in good company with other book lovers!

*Mee – Great answer! It is really difficult to explain blogging—I’d love to know more about the public perception of blogging in general.

*Shanra – Any answer is interesting—I appreciate your input. I don’t really mind most of my friends not knowing that I blog, it just makes me feel a little bad when if I do choose to bring it up and they start acting all weird!

*Dolcebellezza – I hate when comments get lost! I’ve been meaning to email you, but I’ve been so swamped lately—hopefully things will kind of calm down soon (I’ll be out of town for the fourth weekend in a row—feeling really unsettled because of it). I’ll try to shoot you a quick note tonight.

*Rebecca – Thank you for the thoughts—I really appreciate it. Sometimes I feel bad that my sisters don’t take an interest in my blog, but I try to think about how interested I would be if our roles would be reversed and I wasn’t a reader. Hard to say. Good news is there are a lot of us who ARE interested!

*Debi – I’m definitely trying to avoid blogging burnout because that’s the worst feeling for me, but I also hate not being able to make the rounds in a timely manner. Most of my family members don’t necessarily act like it is weird, but we don’t talk about it at all. Kind of sad for me since blogging and reading really is such a huge part of my life.

*Rae – You crack me up, my dear. Since I already emailed you back, I’ll just say—yes, apparently book bloggers keep blogging to themselves. Ha! But even with my “personal” blog—which I never update because I’m too damn lazy—my family and friends could care less. I usually get more of a response from book bloggers who pop over to that blog than friends and family. Oh well, what can you do?

*Michelle – Funny to hear that almost everyone answered the same way. Is it because of the strange looks we receive or because people don’t get the draw of blogging or simply because the people we know in real life just aren’t interested in books? Who knows.

Terri B. said...

So sorry to hear about your Grandpa, but glad you could spend time with your family. Love that picture of you with your Grandma!

Most of my family and friends do not know about my blog. I have shared it with my sister and both sis-in-laws. My sister is just interested in what I'm doing/thinking/reading and the other two are readers. Everyone else would probably be BORED TO TEARS with my blog which is why I share my book mania on a blog -- so I don't drive everyone else nuts!

I hear you on the self-guilting thing. I'm amazed at how some bloggers are able to read tons of books, regularly blog, copiously comment, and hold down a job and relationships. There are times that I just can't keep up and I have to just let it go.

Glad to hear you are close to finishing Middlemarch! I just finished The Once and Future King which was quite long (639 pgs).

Laura said...

It's funny that you are blogging about your family's reaction to your blog because I've had some funny discussions in the past 2 weeks with my family (mainly my 2 brother-in-laws) about the read-a-thon. I can tell they think I'm a little crazy, but they are trying to be polite. Part of my family thinks it's neat to have a book blog, and the other part seems to think it's pretty nerdy!

I hope you and Scott are successful in your house hunt! The interest rates are so low...what a great time to be buying! Next comes babies!! ;) I can say that because I know you in real life!! :)

tanabata said...

Some of my RL family and friends know about my blog but pretty much no one reads it, except for my husband and one of my aunts who is also a reader. I think the others just don't really get it. Plus most of my RL friends have babies or very young kids keeping them busy, or aren't really readers themselves.

I plan to start posting photos on my photo blog again after we've moved and I know a few family members check out that one sometimes.

I've been so bad about not commenting lately and do feel bad about it. Life does get in the way though sometimes.

Good luck with the house hunting. I'm tired of renting and would love to settle down and buy a house, but we don't plan to buy in Japan since we don't plan to stay here permanently. So it'll be a few more years of renting I guess. It does seem like a good time to buy if you can. Hope you find something great!

tanabata said...

Some of my RL family and friends know about my blog but pretty much no one reads it, except for my husband and one of my aunts who is also a reader. I think the others just don't really get it. Plus most of my RL friends have babies or very young kids keeping them busy, or aren't really readers themselves.

I plan to start posting photos on my photo blog again after we've moved and I know a few family members check out that one sometimes.

I've been so bad about not commenting lately and do feel bad about it. Life does get in the way though sometimes.

Good luck with the house hunting. I'm tired of renting and would love to settle down and buy a house, but we don't plan to buy in Japan since we don't plan to stay here permanently. So it'll be a few more years of renting I guess. It does seem like a good time to buy if you can. Hope you find something great!

Thoughts of Joy said...

What a beautiful picture of you and your grandma! It is truly precious, Trish. And, again, I'm sorry for your loss and I'm sure you hold many wonderful memories of him in your heart.

Only my immediate family and a few friends know that I blog and all of them really could care less. LOL It's not like they are rude about it, but they don't hold that in common with me, so it's not much of a topic of conversation. If I do mention it, they say - oh yeah, your blog. One friend thinks I'm crazy. Almost every time she asks me about a book, it usually can relate to my blog (in one form or another) and she literally shakes her head and laughs. What the heck? Whatever. So, I guess she qualifies as someone that looks at me a little sideways. :)

I'm sending you positive and happy thoughts regarding your house hunting. This would be the time to do it, so enjoy the experience!