Thursday, July 16, 2009

Book Blogger Appreciation Week II

It's the announcement we've all been waiting to hear! The Fabulous My Friend Amy has announced the second annual Book Blogger Appreciation Week.

What is Book Blogger Appreciate Week (BBAW) all about? Well, appreciating and recognizing book blogs, of course! It's a week of fun starting September 14-18 and there will be so much hubbub and excitement that week that you'll definitely not want to miss it.

Go check out the BBAW Blog to register your own blog, nominate other blogs for great awards, and see all the news about events and giveaways.

Did you participate in BBAW last year? What was your favorite part of the week? I loved being able to recognize all of my favorite blogs--and I'll admit the giveaways were pretty sweet as well. And of course, I was honored to be nominated in the Best Commenter category (*blushes*).

In the spirit of BBAW, I thought I'd recognize two blogs that I've recently discovered that definitely deserve a spot in your Google Reader:

Cavaclade of Awesomeness

A Damned Conjuror

Go check them out! And while you're at it, why don't you share with us who your favorite new blogs are--whose blogs do we need to check out right now?


Amanda said...

I didn't know about BBAW last year, so I didn't get to participate. It's kind of fun to be able to this year. :)

Jess said...

I am very excited to participate in BBAW this year. New blogs (or just new to me)? I am really enjoying The Worst Review Ever.

Anonymous said...

This is unexpected. I'm chuffed, thanks a bunch. I feel all warm inside now. :)

Trish said...

*Amanda - I wish I could participate more, but a lot of the stuff happens during the day. Should be really happening this year with Twitter--don't think it was used last year (was twitter even around?). LOTS of giveaways!

*Jess - I'll have to google Worst Review Ever (unless you want to give a link!). :) BBAW should be a lot of fun this year.

*Damned Conjuror - Well, you've definitely got an eye catching name for sure. I haven't been able to bloghop the past few weeks very much, but I've definitely been browsing. :) Hmmm--had to look up "chuffed." Glad to learn a new word today.

Paxton said...

Wow, Trish, gotta say I was pleasantly surprised to see me in your post! Thank you very much, I love your blog as well. I guess it's apropos that I posted a book centric article this very morning.

Thanks for the blog love.

Cavalcade of Awesome


Melody said...

This is exciting, isn't it?! I know it'd be bigger and better than last year!

You're one of the best commenters I know of so the award is definitely well-deserved! :D

Lisa said...

I didn't know about it last year until it was actually happening. I am happy to see it in time to sign up this year.

I'll go check those two blogs out. I don't know that I've added many new ones to my list lately, but I'll think about it.

Nymeth said...

I think one of my favourite things last year was suddenly realizing just how big the blogging community was - and that's even more the case this year! I mean, on the one hand it was sort of overwhelming, but on the other hand, it's so neat to see so many people so excited about books.

Two great blogs I discovered recently: Shananigans and always dreams.

Jodie said...

I've registered and nominated my choices for awards. I especially hope Guys Lit Wire will win the award for the blog that trys to benefit mankind through projects (gah can't think of the right word).

Sheila DeChantal said...

I am excited for BBAW!

Thanks for posting a couple new blogs to check out... I am heading over now. :)

Love your blog too!

Trish said...

*Paxton - I saw that you wrote up a post on Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters--hopefully I'll be doing a little bloghopping this afternoon!

*Melody - I definitely think this year will be much bigger and better--I think the book blogging world has at least doubled since last September!

*Lisa - I think I knew a few weeks ahead of time but I don't remember seeing anything about nominations--just voting. Cavaclade of Awesome isn't really a book blog, but sometimes he writes about bookish things.

*Nymeth - It is very exciting to see so many people excited about books! I think it will be a really fun week this year. I've seen Shananigans, but I'll have to check out always dreams.

*Jodie - Philanthropy? :) I'll have to check out Guys Lit Wire--haven't heard of it.

*Sheila - It will be a really fun week and I'm sure the giveaways will be out of control. :)