Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Honest Scrap and TBR Shelves Fun

I was going to share this picture with my trip pictures, but since this entire post is pretty much because of Lisa, I thought I'd share here. When Scott and I went to South Dakota the other week I had the opportunity to meet Lisa from Books.Lists.Life. Over the past two years, Lisa and I have become good friends. I've really clicked with her and love the laughs we have over this and that. If you haven't met Lisa yet, head over to her blog. She's a lot of fun, and I'm so glad we could meet. Despite my chatty nature online I'm actually pretty quiet in real life, but I thought we got along great.


Lisa of Books.Lists.Life. tagged me for the Honest Scrap meme. According to Lisa, "The "Honest Scrap" award requires me to tell my readers 10 true things about me and then pass it on to 10 more blogs."

10 Things:

1. My house is the cleanest it’s ever been with the exception of my office which is an absolute wreck. For some reason this doesn’t bother me.

2. I make coffee every weekday at 6:15 am. I pour my cup of coffee at 7:00 when I leave the house. I don’t drink it until I get to work at 8:30. I usually don’t finish my cup until 10:30 when it is stone cold. The same cup, 4 hours. I love it.

3. One of my favorite things in the entire world is a freshly made bed. Absolute heaven.

4. Cat hair does not bother me [most of the time]. Dog hair does [all of the time].

5. I have major minor road rage and I might yell speak loudly to other drivers from my own car—or something. I am not proud of this.

6. I sometimes start drafting my reviews in my head before I’m even halfway done with my book.

7. I cannot have both feet uncovered while I sleep. The trolls might eat my toes. I’m 28 and still believe this.

8. I have clothes in my closet that I haven’t worn for years. Some because I hope to fit into them again one day (physically impossible!) but mostly just because I’m afraid if I clear them out my closet will be pathetically bare.

9. Because I’ve never been able to find the right shade of lipstick or foundation, I don’t wear them at all.

10. Even though I have had foot surgery and still have a bunion on my other foot, I wear impossibly uncomfortable shoes.

I'm not tagging anyone (boo!! No fun!!), but I'd still love to hear your honest scrap!!


Lisa is also have a little TBR contest on her blog. She is daring bloggers to show at least part of their TBR library. She wants to know which ones are important and how they're organized. Head over to her post to leave your link--you have until September 1st and there are prizes.

My TBR? Other than random places on the floor and desk, there are three "shelves" where I keep my TBR books. The first harbors all of my hardbacks and my supposed challenge books (and some school books on the bottom). The middle pictured shelf is more or less alphabetized, except I ran out of room at R, so S-Z is on the fourth shelf of the first picture. The last picture is of my paper boxes. I've run out of shelf room and this is my solution. Even still I've run out of box room. I don't have my books in any order of importance. Theoretically the top corner of Shelf 1 has my challenge books/review books, but I haven't been good about reorganizing lately.

What's your TBR look like? Please tell me you have them shelved better than my boxes!

*By the way! I've only received one email in response to my plea for Eclipse "interview" questions. :( If you feel like throwing in a question or two, email me at trishsreadingnook at gmail dot com. Anything goes. I'll probably finish Eclipse tomorrow and if no more questions, I'll take the ones I have and do another self-interview.


Anonymous said...

I love your boxes...just think how easy it would be if you had to move! :-D

Lisa said...

A post about ME!! I can't tell you how much I wished you lived closer, esp on days like today.

Amen on 4!

I am the opposite on the feet thing. I have to have my feet sticking out or I am hot. Unless of course I'm cold to start, then they stay under. There are no trolls in SD.

Jill has a good point about storing books in boxes.

I love seeing people's shelves. Makes me feel less like *I* have a problem.

Melody said...

How fun to meet fellow bookbloggers in person! I'd love to meet you, Trish, but until I've saved up enough money for the plane ticket (and wait till my baby is a few years older), I'm afraid we'd have to stick to posting comments and/or emailing each other. :P (I also want to meet my best friend who's staying in PA too!!).

Enjoyed reading your list! I'm like you when it comes to #6! :D

And wow about your TBR pile! I wish I could keep all my books in bookcases... most of my TBR pile are stacked at a corner in our storeroom and they're all taller than me, and it is sure painful having them toppled onto you! :P

bermudaonion said...

I love Lisa's blog and looking at other people's TBR piles. I have books stacked on the floor, so your cardboard boxes actually look pretty clever to me.

Paxton said...

YES! Your TBR pile is MUCH bigger than mine. :-) I'm not the only one that piles up TBR books. Mine used to be stacked next to and under my side of the bed, but I cleaned out the drawers of our armoire in the bedroom and put them there. But they only BARELY fit there.

I'm slowly moving through my TBR pile, but it's a sickness I have that keeps me adding to it. I can't stop. Off the top of my head I have maybe 30 TBR books waiting. That's conservative. Lately I've been trying to hold off on getting more books until I get through some more in the pile.

I've also sworn off hardbacks, so I only read stuff in paperback. New books have to wait, and that's cut down on a lot of adding. But I'm breaking that rule for Dan Brown's new book and I want to break it for the Hunger Games which looks FANTASTIC.

Amanda said...

I admit I don't keep my books to be read on any different shelves from the read ones. They're all just intermingled, and I just know which ones I have and haven't read. If I had them separate, I'm sure I"d get obsessed trying to read them as fast as possible, which wouldn't be good!

Serena said...

What a great guys look great in that photo!

I'm glad you guys had a great time together.

Those shelves are packed! Wow, I drink my coffee before I leave the house at 5:30AM and I hate cat hair but laugh when I find dog hair on things.

Jeane said...

It's fun to see your TBR shelves. Before I got regular bookcases I kept my books in old plastic milk crates- pretty sturdy, and easy to pick up and move!

Megan said...

I think every room in my house is an extension of my TBR pile but for the kitchen and the bathroom. It's truly out of hand. Truly.

Your #4 and 5 "true things" sound like me. I've got terrible road rage, which is odd, considering that for the most part I'm a pretty even-tempered person. I also love it when my reviews start writing themselves in my head before I sit down to start typing them.

I also know about those clothes in #8. We refer to them as "hopes and dreams" clothes in my house. We earnestly hope we'll one day be able to wear them again, but really we know it's just a dream that won't come true. *sigh*

Melissa - Shhh I'm Reading said...

On your #6 - I totally do that too!

I don't wear foundation either. Can't stand the feeling of it.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

I love this list - can't believe that about the 4 hour coffee though! :--) I have #5 too which is what got me started listening to audiobooks. It really helps re-focus my attention!

Trish said...

*Softdrink - Great point about moving! If they don't collapse from the weight first. :)

*Lisa - Well, if we live closer you've definitely gotta come south. I don't do snow. :P And are you trying to say that *I* have a problem???

*Melody - Whew, PA is still pretty far from me! But I would love to meet other bloggers. I don't know of any in my area. Glad I'm not the only one who drafts reviews while still reading the book.

*Bermuda - Isn't Lisa so much fun? And her boys are just as cute in person. And hey--boxes are easy to find!

*Paxton - Without looking up the numbers, I think my TBR is around 300. :-/ Glad to make you feel better. I don't buy many hardbacks either--so expensive and they just sit on the shelf anyway. REALLY want Hunger Games, too.

*Amanda - I have a shelf, double stacked, that is devoted to my read books. It's too hard to keep them together although it didn't always used to be that way. You just wait little missy...

*Serena - I've always envied you and Anna living close to other bloggers--it's nice to meet the people you "spend" so much time with. I think that cat/dog hair differences is that cat hair gets on clothes and I can lint roll it while the dog hair is primarily on the floor where it accumulates. Yuck!

*Jeane - Milk crates! What a great idea. Lisa just informed me of some cheap bookshelves at Target for $16--that's gotta be better than the boxes!

*Megan - I have a bookshelf in my kitchen, but they're all "read" so not in my TBR pictures. :) And the clothes. Isn't that awful? I just need to try everything on this weekend and if it doesn't fit get rid of it. No Matter What!

*Melissa - Ya, I don't like the feel of foundation either. I think the last time I wore it was when I got married over 3 years ago. Yuck!

*Rhapsody - Yes, the four hour coffee is pretty gross but I like it cold. :) I need to invest in some audiobooks!!

Lisa said...

Hey, you're the one who said 300, not me!

cj said...

How cool that you got to meet! And I can't wait to see the photos of your trip.

But, your Honest Scrap answers make me a little sad - my dog sheds like a fiend. You'd absolutely hate my house in spite of the fact that I vacuum all the time!

We do, however, both love freshly made beds and my feet have to be covered when I sleep, no matter the temp. I can't hang anything off the bed - hands, feet, arms, or legs. Nope. Those trolls are vicious!

And I think you've seen my TBR stack... but maybe it's time for another shot. I mean, I've pruned it down by almost 40 books.

It's good to have you back.


TheBlackSheep said...

I can totally relate to #s 2-8, only mine is a pot of tea that usually starts life at 6:45 and ends it somewhere between 12 and 4pm. I'm glad I'm not the only one who believes #7 (and I'm much older than you!) I'd be with you on #9, but I just never wear makeup, so to say that I'm looking at all would be lying.

Your TBR stash is MUCH larger than mine! But I have to ask, is it cheating when a dozen or so of mine are audio files? And we just won't talk about my yarn stash, plzktnx.

Veens said...

I love Jill's points. She is funny :) :)

Such a lovely pic.. and those 10 things made me smile all the way!

Ans wow look at your book shelves :)

Michelle said...

I love reading about little facts about you! It is so fun. I can't find the right shade of lipstick wither, so I never wear it! How many books would you say that you have? I see quite a lot just in your TBR! I like to go to the library because I find I rarely re-read books, but there are a few that I absolutely have to have!

Trish said...

*Lisa - 305 to be exact, but who's counting?

*CJ - Well, since our lab sheds a TON I've kind of gotten used to the dog hair. What can you do? I'd go insane trying to clean all the time. It's great to be back--thank you for your thoughtfulness.

*Melinda/Blacksheep - I'd say audio counts as TBR! I saw that you did this meme as well, so I'll be over shortly to see your answers! :)

*Veens - I'm glad I could get a smile out of you. I love getting to know my fellow bloggers--I hope you'll do this one!

*Michelle - According to my Excel sheet I have about 645 books. This doesn't include a couple dozen that aren't really reading material--mostly ones I got from Aunt Fran's house or my mother-in-law's storage. So, I've read over half, I guess. Well, not including the handful of books that are Scott's. Here is a picture of my "read" shelf:

Doesn't look like 300 books there, but they're double stacked--the top shelf isn't included in any of the counts.

Nymeth said...

Eep - I think your tbr might be scarier than mine :P

I'm with you on #6. I do that all the time. Sometimes I even take notes of the sentences that cross my mind.

I love the picture of you and Lisa!

Bonnie said...

How nice that you got to meet Lisa another blogger!! Love the picture!

I liked seeing your TBR shelves...mine look very similar! Your box idea makes perfect sense but you need more bookshelves as I do and probably most of us book bloggers!

christina said...

Love the trolls! I, on the other hand, cannot go to sleep unless BOTH of my feet are UNconvered. :)

(Saw Tom Robbins on your shelves. Yay!)

Marie Burton said...

I can see a couple books we share in our TBR pile (Abundance, Etta, Rebecca)
Thankfully I've got everything shelved, and a new bookcase still in its box that is not needed yet. But like you, the TBR pile is close to 300. I do kee the must review books seperate on 2 separate shelves.
Lucky you to have met a fellow blogger! There are a few I know I'd love to meet, but like you I am also a shy person IRL and if it
weren't about books or kids I don't have much of a life ;)
And dog hair is yucky. My husband still wants a dog.. after 12 years of me saying NO, I am still winning the debateere but who knows for how long. No cats here but I do adore kitty cats.

Terri B. said...

Well ... you've watched my vlog so you know where some of my TBR books were located -- in towers on the floor of my living room. In response to a few earthquakes we had (which amazingly did not tip any of my towers over), those books are now in plastic boxes that are still sitting on my living room floor :o)

Terri B. said...

Forgot to say that I love your cardboard box shelves ;o)

Trish said...

*Nymeth - Well, I should take a note from your book and cut down on my book acquiring, but I just can't seem to. :P There are about 300 unread books in my house. Scary, huh?

*Bonnie - I do need another bookshelf, but what I need more is to go through my books and get rid of the ones I probably won't read. I have a hard time letting go, though!

*Christina - While I count Tom Robbins as one of my favorite authors, I haven't read anything by him in years. Funny that in my 2+ years of blogging I haven't heard one mention of him...

*Marie Burton - Ahh--a bookshelf that isn't even being used yet? boy am I jealous!! Other than you and me, I don't know of any other bloggers in the area--seems there are some places that have a ton of bloggers. And despite the hair, our dog and cat are wonderful companions--wouldn't have it any other way.

*Terri - I guess plastic boxes work just as well, if not better, than my cardboard ones! One of these days I'll at least get a cheapy shelf to replace those boxes.

Rae said...

Ha! When I read the part about your road rage I could totally hear your cute southern voice yelling at some car, "What are you doing?!" And don't try to deny your southern drawl, it's there! :)

tanabata said...

Oh I can relate to some of those.. #3, 6 and 8 especially. So nice that you got to meet a fellow book blogger. Sometimes I wish I didn't live so far away!

Haha. Your boxes made me smile. I'm planning to get one more thin bookshelf. H has finally come to realize that my books just aren't going anywhere so we might as well have a place to put them. :)

Thoughts of Joy said...

How fun to meet a blogging friend in person!

I can relate to #3 and laughed at #7. That is at #7, not you! :)

And the infamous TBR shelves - mine look very similar; however, I have stored all my boxed books under our bed and have not included them in my tally. With so many books now (mainly library book sales), it's easier to give away those that I read and didn't care for to make room for new ones.