Sunday, October 25, 2009

Read-a-thon: Hours 19-20


Pages: 64 (Hunger Games)
Time: 82 minutes (Ugh!)

pages read
701 minutes reading
120 minutes blogging
145 minutes cheerleading
17 mini-challenges
218 blogs visited (comments left, not individual blogs...)
1 caffeine beverage

Memory's Picturrific Challenge states that we need to find pictures that define our current reads. Well, I'm reading Hunger Games and eating ice cream. Perhaps because I'm hungry? And see the Maggie cut-out (you can see real Maggie peeking her head up)--well, could that just be a silly game? Maybe a stretch but I'm going with it:

I'm fading fast and Hunger Games is too complicated for me tonight. It's taking too long and I don't feel like scouring the shelves for another book. Wish I had started it earlier! I'm not jumping ship but I don't know how much more reading I'll get done. This will mean I won't meet my reading goals, but oh well. I'll have fun with the community. :) Maybe I'll re-read Fun Home.


Memory said...

The picture definitely works! Hunger, games, you've got it all.

Shanra said...

Awwww. *hugs* Sorry to hear the book's not working so well for you, Trish!

Only a few hours more! You can make it! *waves pompoms* And that cut-out of Maggie is just the funnest thing EVER!

Trisha said...

Love the picture! You can keep going! Only about three hours left now!

Icedream said...

There you are all refreshed and looking productive and I am yawning!:D
Hunger Games is a good book, my advise is save it for when you can pay attention.

Laza said...

Awesome cheering! Go team!

Anonymous said...

Good going Trish..Keep reading ..And thank u so much for the encouragement

Marg said...

Well done for making it this far! Don't give up now!

Melissa (Betty and Boo's Mommy) said...

Great job for making it this far!

tanabata said...

I'm glad I read Hunger Games earlier in the day altho it was a bit hard to follow after the intensity. I'm not going to meet my goals either this time but that's ok, it was fun trying. :)
Thanks for being such a great cheer-er!
Oh and btw, I wasn't trying to brag about my sleep halfway through the read-a-thon. Sorry if it seemed that way. :P

Amanda said...

Aw, sorry it didn't work for you. I started it around 2ish last time and it was a great middle of the night read, but you've been doing some great cheers and stuff instead!

Alice Teh said...

You can do it! Go, go, Trish!