Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Eight Things I Love Meme

CJ posted a list of things that she loves on her site, so I thought I would follow suit since I've been very frustrated with my reading situation lately. Hubby and I are planning on moving to Dallas at the end of the month (yeah!!!), but that means that with all the traveling we've been doing and will be doing I haven't gotten much reading done. I'm halfway through both Little Women and Middlesex, and in the car trips I have been reading Harry Potter 6 aloud to hubby, but I really wanted to finish Vanity Fair this month...but its just too damn thick!! I know its only a week into the month, but I'm growing very anxious that I've only killed one book (stupid challenges!!).

Sorry for the rant, and without further ado - here are a few things I love--not in any order (CJ listed 8, so that's what I'm going to stick with):

* I love the caramel on top of a Starbucks Caramel Frappachino even though I know its sinfully bad for me.

* I love getting so immersed into a book that I lose myself to the emotions that the story pulls out of me. I love starting a brand new book and the anticipation of where the story will lead.

* I love perfectly sunny days, a great song on the radio, and driving with the windows down through the beautiful Texas country (yes, even here in West Texas) belting out the words to the song as loud as I can.

* I love that my hubby "gets" me and still loves me in spite of me. :) I love my hubby also, but I think that should go without saying. Maybe not...love love love him and am thankful everyday for him and his love (wow, that's a lot of love).

* I love that I can go months without seeing my best friends and still pick up exactly where we left off. One of my favorite things is laughing till my sides hurt with an old friend.

* I love driving north on I45, reaching the hill in Palmer and seeing the Dallas Skyline off in the distance. For some reason knowing that I am almost home always puts a huge smile on my face. I love that I am a Texan (no, not by birth but by choice). I love the Texas Hillcountry, I love my Texas Aggies, I love floating down the river on a hot sunny day with great friends and family, listening to Texas Country music and drinking an ice cold Miller Lite. Ahhhh...

* I love my wonderful family and how we understand each other without even having to say anything. I can't wait to be closer to them all in just a few weeks (Dallas here I come!!).

* and finally, I love my freedom to be who I want and do what I wish. Yeah!!

All this love is making me feel much better about my dismal reading prospects. Feel like spreading the love??


Kelly said...

Ah great list! I decided twice to not read a certain book because I need to fit in all my challenge books first!

Joy said...

I loved reading your list. *smirk*

I absolutely LOVE getting lost in a book, too. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen as often as I would like.

Happy Packing! :)

Ana S. said...

Dismal reading prospects? Does that mean you're not enjoying Middlesex? That makes me sad, it's my favourite book. But to each his own :P

Your lovely list put a smile on my face. It is so uplifting. I love some of those things also.

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

* Kelly - Thanks! Darn those challenges...

* Joy - I don't find those books as often as I'd like, but when they do come along I couldn't be happier

* Nymeth - NO, I'm really enjoying Middlesex! I just meant that I'm not going to have much time to read in the next couple of weeks...

CJ said...

Hey, cool list, but give the credit to Myutopia. I got the idea from her after all.

I thought it was a nice way to take a step back and focus on the good in our lives, ya know? We all need to do more of that.


Stephanie said...

Great post! I did this a while back. It was fun. And it's a fun one to read about others!

Ana S. said...

Glad to know you're enjoying it! I look forward to your review :)

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

* CJ - I actually didn't see Myutopia's list--only her list of things that annoy her to all end. :) I'll have to check it out.

* Stephanie - I was starting to feel really restless not having been doing a lot of reading, so it was nice to just reflect on the things I love.

* Nymeth - Still trucking away. Its been a busy busy week, but hopefully will get it finished this next week (before I throw myself into Harry Potter). I am still really liking the book, but to me its a little long. Maybe that's just because I'm not reading as often, though.

Mailyn said...

Oh I love driving, anywhere! It's just so much fun and I especially love road trips.