Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - J.K. Rowling: A Review

Title: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Author: J.K. Rowling
Pages: 652
Date Finished: July 19, 2007 (re-read)
Rating: 4.5/5

I had fun with this one. If you've read my complaining posts recently, you know that I've been taking a lot of road trips with hubby. A few months ago I read to him for a few hours while we were driving and have since then made it a habit. It took many many hours (and 4? different trips) to finally finish this monster of a book, but we did!

This HP is not my favorite. My favorite is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (book 5). Regardless, this one certainly works to propel the adventure forward. What I like about these latter books is how heavily they rely upon one another. Maybe its just because its been so long since I've read the others, though, but these all seem a little more connected. But also what I really like about the latter books is the deeper look into the characters and the development of good and evil. Rowling has created a magical series, and I will be sad when the 7th book is finished (only 200 pages left!!). Not much of a review, but what else can really be said at this point? I'm sure there will be lots to say about book 7...


Mailyn said...

Can't wait till everyone is done with 7 since I am waiting to review it then.

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

Mailyn - I've been kind of waiting until I've finished the book before I get back on the internet and reading other people's blogs (since so many people are reading this book). Can't wait until I finish!!!

Stephanie said...

Hey Trish! I just nominated you for a Rockin' Girl!! Come on over and check it out!

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

Sweet! Thanks Stephanie. I have no idea what that means...but I'll come by and see. :)

Stephanie said...

Ok...I'll answer here too!! You, my dear, are now considered 'A Rockin' Girl Blogger!' You can copy the pic, add it to your blog, and nominate 4 others as well!

You deserve it!!