Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen: A Review

Title: Pride and Prejudice
Author: Jane Austen
Date Finished: December 26, 2007
Pages: 312
Rating: 4.25/5

Everyone knows the story of Pride and Prejudice. If we haven't read it, then we've seen one of the many productions; if we haven't seen one of the many productions, then we have seen one of the many movies/read one of the many books "inspired" by this classic love story. I read this book many years ago (not even sure I finished it since it was for school), but I enjoyed my revisit--especially after just finishing Northanger Abbey. The characters were much more developed in this novel and the plot is complicated and well-thought through. Yippee!! Exactly what I love in a novel.

I love the dynamics between Lizzy and Mr. Darcy although I'm not sure that I ever truly warm up to him. I think his warmth is portrayed in the newest version of the movie when viewers can see a physical change, but this is more difficult to "read" in the novel. Perhaps it is because the novel is so rich and contains so many small nuances. While I feel that the end of the most recent movie is a little more romantic ("I love, I love, I love you") than the logical conclusions of Lizzy and Mr. Darcy, I love when Lizzy talks about how Jane smiles in her love for Bingley, but Lizzy laughs in her love. Isn't that the best kind of love? But at the end of the book do we really need an update of Lydia and Lady Catherine and Mrs. Gardiner? I would have rather the focus remain on Lizzy and Mr. Darcy.

This is one that I could re-read; it is a timeless story that never gets worn out. Yeah for love stories!


chica said...

Agreed! I love to go back and re-read certain passages of the book and they are mostly the one between Mr. Darcy and Lizzy. My favorite screen version is the BBC series.

Joy said...

Ummm I hate to admit this, but I have never read Pride and Prejudice and/or seen any of its productions. :( Sorry to put holes in your post, but it's true.

How's life? Are you acclimated to your new surroundings? Do you like your new job? :)

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

*Chica - I feel a little sheepish noting that I haven't seen the BBC version. I have hot/cold feelings for Colin Firth so I've been putting it off a little. :)

*Joy! Not even Bridget Jones or You've Got Mail? Ha! Life is good, but very busy. Hubby is out of town, so I finally got to catch up on my postings (three), now I just need to find the time to blog around. Oh well!

Joy said...

Okay, maybe you got me there. I read Bridget Jones and saw You've Got Mail. How are they like Pride and Prejudice? Remember...I wouldn't know! :)

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

Joy - goodness gracious. ;D P&P is the story of a girl who meets a boy but misreads him (because of her pride...and prejudice) and thinks he is awful but then ends up seeing him for the wonderful man that he is---yadi yadi yadi. Both Bridget Jones and You've Got Mail are loosely based on P&P (and notice the references to the novel/BBC movie in each?).

CJ said...

I'm glad Joy fessed up first. I've never read the story - in fact I don't think I've read anything by Austen. I have seen You've Got Mail, however. Thanks for the brief lesson.

Oh, and I'm glad to see you back here!


Stephanie said...

Yeah....this is one I haven't read either!! Of course, I will be correcting that with Becky's Mini-Austen challenge! In fact, the only Austen I have read is Persuasion!

Was wondering how you've been. Haven't "seen" you around lately!! I just started a new job, so my posting is much more sporadic than it has been.

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

*CJ - This is one of the better classics I've read this year. If you classics I would recommend it. And thanks for the 'welcome back' although my posting time will continue to be pretty limited--jus not enough hours in a day!!

*Stephanie - New jobs are tough--but sometimes in a good way. I haven't read Persuasion; I think its the only Austen book I don't own... Hope you like this one!

Ana S. said...

I'm like Joy, except that I hadn't read Bridget Jones or You've Got Mail either! One of my reading goals for the New Year is to finally read Jane Austen, though, so this will change soon!

Joy said...

It's all your fault!!! However, I'm getting off easy. I joined Becky's Austen Mini-Challenge which indicates that you can read OR watch Austen books/movies. Tee Hee . . . I've opted to watch 2 movies.

Maybe NOW I'll be as enlightened as you, Trish. LOL *BIG SMIRKY GRIN*

Although, I did notice that I (as a non-Austen consumer) am in good company with the above posters! :)

Joy said...

I hope you know that I was totally teasing in the above comment! You never know how something may come across. :)

Trish Ryan said...

I love this book. And if you're ever in the mood for more from the Darcy clan, there are some fun take-offs that imagine what happens to the family after the wedding. Fun reads if you're not too serious an Austenite. You're totally right...yay for love stories!

Petunia said...

I'm not a Firth fan myself but he really becomes Mr. Darcy in this movie. I own the movie but I think my husband actually watches it more than I do. It's a must see.

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

*Nymeth - I hope you like it! I am feeling REALLY bad about making the assumption that most had read this one--which is how I felt going into it because everyone kept telling me, "I can't believe you haven't read it!!" Hope you like it!

*Joy - MY fault? Am I being faulted for you joining yet another challenge??? :) And no worries. I have a very sarcastic/dry sense of humor that doesn't translate well to stuff like this, so I'm always worried that my "teasing" or "snarkiness" will be misconstrued. But all in all--I'm glad you will soon be as enlightened as me. Hope you enjoy your new state! :)

*Trish (like me!!) - thanks for coming by! I've only read 2 Austen books, so I wouldn't call myself too serious. And Bride and Prejudice DEFINITELY isn't too serious--which is the "bollywood" version.

*Petunia - All I have to do is mention the words Pride and Prejudice and my husband tunes me out. :) On a rainy day, though, I'll have to watch the Firth version.

Bookfool said...

It's been so long since I read the book that I don't remember some of the subtleties you mentioned, but I do love the story and the miniseries with Colin Firth is so good that I still can't bear to see the recent movie. You've got me thinking, though. I need movies to entertain my mother, right now, and the story is such a good one. Hmmm. :)