Saturday, April 18, 2009

Read-a-thon Hours 11-12


Since last update:
Pages: 94 (Catch Me If You Can and Fun Home)
Time: 85 minutes (Fun Home will certainly bolster my ratio--quick read but loving it!)

477 pages read
443 minutes reading
174 minutes blogging
82 blogs visited (comments left, not individuals)
2 books finished (The Outsiders, Catch Me If You Can)
2 caffeine beverages
5 mini challenges (see letter mini-challenge below)
20 minutes exercise

For those of you who mentioned it (Bethany) YES I do think it is possible to turn into a superhuman and read faster during the 'thon. :P LOL! I think I'm just more focused than normal...I usually daydream a lot. And the commenting is really fun for me, and it really doesn't take too long. Are you taking breaks to make sure you visit the other 'thoners? (no I'm not lecturing if you're not)

Had some cereal--normally I don't allow Maggie onto the furniture, but I thought, what's the harm? She wanted my left overs! We're halfway through already! I'll probably read for another hour, then do my update, then head to IHOP!!!! Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity here I come!

Dear Mr. Abagnale (from CMIYC),

You're story is simply amazing. I loved all of the details about your different escapades and I am convinced that you are a genious. It does make me wonder, though, that if you were such a brilliant con-artist, are you pulling the wool over my eyes? I sincerely hope that you have not conned your readers into believing something that is not true. For two reasons--because I spent a good chunk of the 'thon on your story and because I so thoroughly enjoyed it.

Trish :)


Amanda said...

haha, I just left my letter in the comments for that challenge, but so far that one and the reproduction of a book challenge have been my favorites.

I thought you were doing IHOP in the middle of the night?

And hey, I'm reading Fun Home, too!!

Laura said...

Matt keeps asking how the "thon" is going, and I laugh a little every time--I love that you are calling it that too!

Your numbers are looking good! We'll have to be super good at IHOP so we don't get too far behind. (although I'm probably the one who is most apt to interrupt and talk!) See you in an hour and a half!

bethany said...

Keep it up, keep it up! Oh, here kitty, kitty, kitty.... :) I love your cat.

Melissa said...

Awww, love the pics of your kitty. I'm enjoying the pictures that readers have been posting of their pets today.

Keep up the good work--I'm really impressed at how much reading and blogging you've accomplished. Way to go!!

Lisa said...

I was imagining a midnight trip to IHOP!

Michelle said...

mmmm The Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity sounds so delicious! After all of that reading and a run sqeezed in, you really deserve the splurge! Keep it up!

Elizabeth said...

You are doing great!! Keep it up! And enjoy your IHOP! =)

Lezlie said...

IHOP. Awesome!!