Sunday, April 19, 2009

Read-a-thon Hours 19-20

Chuggin' the Mountain Dew. OK--I cheated and took this picture right before my battery died. You know what's crazy? I've actually contemplated making that damn video of me singing that goofy song. (I sing randomly all the time--just ask Laura). You're a meaaaaan one, Mr. Grinch.

Since last update:
Pages: 138 (Sam's Letters to Jennifer-finished!)
Time: 70 minutes (seriously, this was the fastest read ever)

868 pages read (surpassed last time's total!!)
672 minutes reading (won't make my goal this time)
295 minutes blogging
130 comments left
3 books finished (The Outsiders, Catch Me If You Can, Sam's Letters to Jennifer)
5 caffeine beverages
9 mini challenges (none this time?)
20 minutes exercise
35 minutes driving
0 Prizes (infinite sad face!!)

I'm hanging in there pretty well. My eyes are a little dry and my tummy has a rock in it, but otherwise doin' good. It was around this time in October that I started to fade quickly, so I'm gonna dive back into Fun Home (although I don't want it to end...which is why I set it down to begin with).

Think I'm gonna do a dance-a-thon.

By the way, it is 2:41 central time here. What time is it there??


Anonymous said...

Sam's Letters to Jennifer IS a quick read but I would never had finished it in 70 mins. You're doing great!!!

btw, it's 1.15 in the afternoon here.

Blodeuedd said...

Going strong I see :D
Keep up the good work :D

Right now, it's 11 am here and i just woke up

Lisa said...

I'd take a picture, but I am too tired to find the camera. And you've been up longer than me! I got up at 5:50 mountain, didn't you get up before 6 central?

Amanda said...

Dance-a-thon sounds great! Man I wish I was more attune to caffeine right about now. But I'm doing okay. Just a little clumsy and maybe a bit slightly hallucinating. You know, numbers jumping around the clock, haha! But I'm good. Only 4 hours to go!

Nymeth said...

9am now. I love that picture! You're doing amazingly well, Trish.

Natasha @ Maw Books said...

I just woke up from a very unexpected nap. It's 2:30am where I am now.

claire said...

Way to go! I can barely keep my eyes open but must try as it is too near the finish line. :D

Laura said...

Has that Mountain Dew kicked in yet? I'm sure it's not helping that rock in your stomach! It's now 3:38 am. I think I'm getting somewhat close to my 1000 page goal. Way to go on passing last year's page number!

Oh--and I haven't had any songs in my head all day! Even the Grinch song isn't staying in there...which is a good thing. Nice try though! :)

I'm happy you are still awake!

bethany said...

What a champ!!! I am going to sleep. Sorry to desert you.

read a ton.

Anonymous said...

It's currently 11.35am here, but I think I did only get this until several hours after it was posted. *hmph*

You're doing terrific! (I hope there'll be another Read-a-Thon and that I'll find the courage to sign up as a reader.)