Sunday, April 19, 2009

Read-a-thon Hours 21-22

I'm starting to fade fast. I may try to spend more time on the Internet and less time reading. Hate to do that, but I finally put Lexi to bed (she won't sleep if I'm up), and Maggie is nowhere to be found. And people are dropping like flies. Really--caffeine doesn't have a big affect on me, so the Mountain Dew was mostly for taste. :) I'm determined to make it the full 24 this time!!!!

Since last update:
Pages: 79 (Fun Home-finished!)
Time: 60 minutes

947 pages read
732 minutes reading
325 minutes blogging
152 comments left
4 books finished (The Outsiders, Catch Me If You Can, Sam's Letters to Jennifer, Fun Home)
5 caffeine beverages
9 mini challenges (remember Dewey and limerick below)
20 minutes exercise
35 minutes driving
0 Prizes (infinite sad face!!)

Remembering Dewey Mini-Challenge
I think that in some shape or fashion all of us have been touched by Dewey. Even if you didn't know her before she passed away, you're participating in this wonderful event that she started. I wasn't as close with Dewey as some of the other bloggers, but we shared some similiar interests in books, so of course I haunted her blog. I was lucky enough last March to win the prize for her blogiversary, and I chose the book The People of the Book because of her review here. I still haven't read the book, but everytime I look at it on my shelf I think of Dewey. And I think of how she compared it to supreme pizza when she wanted chocolate and wine. I told her that I liked supreme pizza just fine. :) I have a feeling that Dewey will continue to be a strong presense in the blogging community for some time to come.

Thanks Eva, for hosting this great mini-challenge.

Read-a-thon Limerick (I'm pretty pleased for 4:30 am--fudged the rhymes a bit, but who isn't tired enough to notice)
There once was a girl named Trish
who liked to catch some fish
When she could she 'thoned
and read like it was on
even though everyone else had ditched

Who's up for a little dance-a-thon? You know you like to move it move it (and watch Apolo and Juliance shake it--mama!)


Scrap girl said...

Well done on getting so far. Go on you can do it. Sorry I missed the whole thing as i have been out for the last 24 hours!

Debi said...

Okay, I'm so goofy in the head that I didn't even understand your limerick! But it made me laugh like crazy anyway! I'm proud of you for coming up with one...I shouldn't admit this, but I literally just spent 40 whole minutes trying to write one and just couldn't! (5 of those minutes were spent hopelessly trying to come up with something that rhymes with Debi...yeah, it seriously took me 5 minutes to give up on that idea...oh, when will 8:00 arrive?!!)

And how come you still sound so full of energy anyway?!!

Nicole said...

Trish you have done a n amazing job on so many fronts. Stay with me now!

Coffe/caffeine does squat for me too.

Erotic Horizon said...

Nice concise round up - I have lost the will to see straight ...

Congrats on getting this far...


Amanda said...

Barely holding on here, and two hours to go! I'm not sure how I'm going to make it. Jason got up at 4 and now wants to take me out for breakfast but I don't think I can do it. Sigh. 80 pages left of my book, think I can make it over 2 more hours??

Anonymous said...

Congrats on coming this far. only 2 more hours to go. You've done a GREAT job!!!

Eva said...

You can make it! Your limerick is hilarious. :D

debnance said...

Nothing like a limerick...and yours is lovely.

Nymeth said...

I love your tribute to Dewey, Trish. She will definitely continue to be a presence in the blogging community for a long, long time.

And your limerick really made me laugh :D

Jason Gignac said...

Hey, if Emily Dickinson can use approximate rhymes, so can you. Good luck with the rest. Turn on your porch light and read outside for 15 minutes! The fresh air will do you good!

Care said...

Just about when I crashed, I see a few people woke up to it again! GOOD JOB! Cheers!

Dreamybee said...

Read-a-thon interspersed with dance-a-thon is a great way to keep yourself awake, especially if you attempt any of those moves! I think Julianne is just the cutest thing ever; I love her! Thanks for the fun clip. I'm with you on the caffeine thing too. When you're tired enough all it does is make your sleep all fidgety and weird. Hang in there!

ANovelMenagerie said...

congrats on your accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

You can make it! It's under two hours to go now! (Er, according to my clock. I think.)

*giggles* Cute limerick!

Laura said...

Great limmerick! I can't write them even with a normal night of sleep! You are SSOOO close to your page goal--I hope you can stick it out to get those last 53 pages in! Read read read!!! I just finished Stardust, so I'm going to hop around some blogs for a while--try to drag this out! :)

TheBlackSheep said...

Come on, you can do it, just a few more hours. Nice Limerick.

Bybee said...

That's really something when you can write a limerick when you're sleep-deprived. Congrats for going the distance.

Laura said...

Are you still awake? There is only a little bit of time left!

Lisa said...

good night! it's morning!

tanabata said...

You did such a great job staying awake! Love your limerick! :)